Monograph as part of scientific paper

Monograph requirements allow for individual or collective work.

This qualification paper and its difference from the dissertation is that, according to the requirements, the monograph contains not only the results of scientific work and conclusions from them by one author, but also sets out the concepts, ideas, methods and results of other authors. For a collective monograph, no more than five authors are allowed to participate in the work, because writing even one chapter of the monograph is a serious scientific publication.

What is research paper writing as for monograph?

  • the monograph should contain a description of the results of scientific activity that are significant for science and practice;
  • solving a problem, the importance of which is recognized by the professional community;
  • it should also contain the results of research by authors previously published in scientific journals;
  • a comprehensive analysis of the state of the problem and the author’s opinion about it are required in the monograph;
  • the opinion and conclusions of the author about the selected problem should be recognized as a scientific achievement;
  • the monograph must necessarily receive reviews of at least two reviewers with scientific degrees and enjoying authority in this scientific field;
  • the monograph should be published in circulation sufficient for compulsory distribution.

Specialists of research paper writing service have the most up-to-date information on what should be the minimum volume of the author’s text, the rules for providing materials for publication, and other information necessary for the successful publication of the monograph. We will make sure that the materials are correctly formatted, they use the conceptual apparatus adopted by the scientific community, present novelty, relevance and continuity. We will provide comprehensive assistance in observing the requirements for its preparation and publication in your monograph, and ensure the most comfortable conditions.

For the publication of a scientific work, a monograph must be issued in accordance with the requirements.

To publish a monograph, you do not need to adhere to such strict rules as when preparing a dissertation paper, but they must be taken into account. We are ready to help publish the monograph, including the actual design of the monograph, prepress, a full package of documents for the publisher. Monograph design:

  • proofreading and editorial work;
  • a thorough check of the availability of all references to literary sources and the correctness of their design;
  • correct formatting of the text of the book.

We carefully monitor all changes in the requirements for scientific publications, so the result of the design of the monograph will fully comply with the necessary conditions.

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