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The difference between a monograph and dissertation writing

The text should not produce a depressing impression. This differs from the dissertation monograph because it was written for a wide audience that should not be afraid of abstruse words in myriad. A dissertation is written for a narrow circle of readers, and therefore may contain the necessary terminology in unlimited quantities. We understand that it is very difficult to write a scientific work in simple understandable words – this is the highest measure of talent. At this point, many applicants need the effective help of a colleague thinking in this direction, who can transform indigestible terminology into a readable text.

In order to publish a monograph, it is necessary to provide reviews prepared in accordance with the accepted requirements of at least two independent specialists with the degree of candidate or doctor of sciences in a specialized field. The review is written in the form of a kind of dialogue between the author, reviewer and readers. It should contain an objective assessment of the work, the reviewer’s view of the problems considered in the monograph and its conclusions. As a rule, the degree of relevance of the work carried out is evaluated and an opinion is expressed about the place that this study may occupy in the selected industry.

Important! Reviewers should not work with the author or team of authors, as well as with each other in the same organization.

The review structure for the publication of the monograph:

  • introduction;
  • object and subject of analysis;
  • assessment of the relevance of the topic of paper;
  • summary of the monograph;
  • wording of the main thesis;
  • general assessment of work (including the significance of the results);
  • flaws present;
  • reviewer opinion on the possibility of publication;
  • findings.

The review should be small, no more than two pages of printed text. The review, in addition to the main part, should contain:

  • full details of its author (all scientific and honorary degrees and degrees, name of the reviewer’s place of work);
  • information about the author of the monograph on which the review is written;
  • the exact name of the monograph;
  • personal signature of the reviewer.

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